Gardner Chalmers, PLLC, your New Phase Family LawSM firm

Attorneys Erin Gardner and Brett Chalmers are here for your family law needs.  ​Our team consolidates all our complimentary strengths to help you, individually, navigate this current juncture in your life.   You will get through this.  We will guide you.  Here's how:

1) First we analyze your legal situation in order to optimally prioritize the various aspects of your case. We jointly strategize with you-This is your life!  

2) We advocate for you.  We argue your case through written and oral advocacy.  This is often thought of as the most traditional component of an attorney's work.  

3) We advise you on how best to plan for and respond to those components of your case you cannot control.  Attorneys often use the title, "Counselor at Law." This advisor role is crucial for a) knowing what to expect from the legal process and for b) managing both the emotional and the monetary costs of your case.  

4) Finally, we assist.  We connect you with other legal and non-legal resources with you access to information and other forms of support so you are empowered to maintain or regain your individual stability throughout your case and set yourself up for your brightest future!

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