Brett Chalmers Bio

Believe it or not, Brett actually enjoys practicing family law full time, and his sense of humor offers levity to undeniably difficult situations.  Brett is from a “yours, mine, and ours” family, so he understands the stresses and heartache that are a part of every family law case.  Brett approaches family law from the somewhat paradoxical viewpoints that conflict is expensive but also that some things are worth fighting for.  Brett understands that each client's familial conflict is the most important thing in the client's life, and he will work to ensure that you are fully informed of all available options and outcomes for your case.  Brett has based his practice around the idea that representation should not be too expensive for everyday people to afford, and to that end, Brett makes sure each client knows what the potential risks and benefits are of fighting over any given issue.  Contact Brett to set up a free consultation to discuss your family law questions.