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Gardner Chalmers, PLLC, is here for your family law needs.  ​We focus on issues pertaining to divorce, child custody, spousal maintenance (alimony), paternity, and common law marriage.  We also guide you through issues specific to persons in the military, including division of retirement, income assignments, access to benefits and medical services, TSP, and SGLI, all of which might affect a divorce.  

Arriving at the decision that it's time to end a relationship is always stressful, difficult, and emotional.  If you're not the one who made that decision, you can feel particularly shocked, threatened, and vulnerable, like you need someone to stand alongside you.  We will guide you through the entire process, from beginning to end.  

Alimony:  Spousal maintenance (sometimes called alimony in other States) is usually based on several factors like the length of the marriage, the division of property, the work history of both parties, the needs of the requesting spouse, and the payor/spouse's ability to pay.  It can be overwhelming to determine what maintenance and child support should be—let us help you.

Child Support:  When children are involved in a divorce or any kind of a break-up between their parents, crafting a custody agreement can be especially contentious. Your attorneys at Gardner Chalmers know how to craft a parenting plan that is in the best interest of your child or children. Child support is then usually determined by the parties' respective income or earning ability, the needs of the child, the parenting plan, and numerous other factors. 

Military Divorce:  When a divorce occurs in a military family, there can be unique issues at hand. You will need an attorney who is familiar and experienced with the concepts of deployment, military regulations, and federal law that might affect a divorce.

Prenuptial Agreements: If you are proactive, we can also help you plan and prevent litigation in the future by drafting an effective prenuptial agreement.

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