Personal Injury

If you have been injured by someone else's negligence, for example, in a car wreck or due to a danger or hazard on someone else's property, Gardner Chalmers, PLLC, can help you navigate the intricacies of your claim. 

Understanding insurance is tricky, whether you're talking to the at-fault party's insurance adjuster or whether it's your own insurance you're forced to use because an underinsured person injured you.  We can help you file, document, and negotiate your claim.    

Medical Payments “MedPay” Coverage:  There is often Medical Payments coverage available to you through your own auto policy, or sometimes through a property-owner's policy.  In Colorado, that is no-fault coverage and is generally not subject to repayment if you collect from the at-fault person/entity. 

However, if you were injured because of someone else's negligence, you are likely dealing with their insurance, fighting to get repaid for your medical treatment and your pain, suffering, and other emotional damage.  Colorado is not a pay-as-you go state, which means the at-fault party has no obligation to pay your medical bills as you incur them.  Colorado law only requires they compensate you in the end, if they wish to settle the claim in one lump sum.  Therefore, you likely have to navigate the process of getting appropriate medical treatment and figuring out how to pay for that before you settle with the at-fault party.  We can help guide you through this process and ensure you get the right medical care early on in your case.  Then we help you negotiate and, usually, settle your claim.

If your claim does not settle, we file a Complaint, initiating a lawsuit, and then represent you in the litigation process.  Either way, we are with you throughout the entire process and strive to be, not only zealous advocates, but also counselors to guide you through the web of insurance, thereby taking some of the stress off you and helping you do the most important thing—heal. 

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